Livery Companies have long played a key role in supporting the Lord Mayor. They pledge a vow of obedience to maintain the franchises and customs of the City of London Corporation, participate in its many unique traditions and take an active interest in the affairs of the Corporation. Liverymen are entitled to vote in the annual election of the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs, these being held on Midsummer Day for the Sheriffs and other officers, and Michaelmas Day for the Lord Mayor. For more information on Livery Companies within the City of London visit this link.

London City panorama

As head of the City of London, the Lord Mayor of London presides over its principal governing bodies. He is, for example, Chief Magistrate of the City of London and oversees the nation’s Central Criminal Court, the Old Bailey. He is also Admiral of the Port of London, Chancellor of the City of London University and President or Patron of many other civic and charitable organisations.

The Court of Common Council is the decision-making body of the City of London Corporation. It comprises 100 Common Councilmen drawn from the 25 wards within the City of London. Each Ward elects one Alderman and a number of Common Councilmen (depending on the size of the electorate) and the elected members cover a wide range of professions and City interests. Elections are on a non-party political basis.

2014 - The Prime Warden and Lord Mayor
prime warden blacksmith and lord mayor

Other Companies

The Blacksmiths have particularly strong links with the following companies: