Tonypandy Cup 2022 - Call for entries

3 November 2021

Tonypandy Cup 2022 - Call for entries!

The Tonypandy may be awarded annually for a piece which is considered to be an outstanding example of the skill of a blacksmith or blacksmiths.

The Company welcomes suggestions from any source for work which meets the criteria of 'outstanding'.

Tonypandy Cup Winner 2021
Tonypandy Cup Winner 2021

A special panel assesses the nominated pieces. We would welcome applications from British blacksmiths. All work should be in the UK or Northern Ireland.

Work should preferably be accessible to the general public.

Modern and traditional techniques are equally acceptable. Work in any metal and heat process is acceptable. The age of the piece should not exceed five years from completion.

Nominations incorporating as much information as possible on the submission should be sent to the Chair of the Tonypandy Committee (details below) along with a digital portfolio of past commissions.

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The initial assessment will be by looking at good, high quality digital photos that show the piece overall and in detail, as the committee may be meeting online. All shortlisted

submissions will still be visited and assessed on site as usual.

Please email using WeTransfer to the email address below, or by posting a memory stick


Sally Clark, Wildfields Farm, Wood Street Village, Guildford, Surrey GU3 3BP

If you have any questions, please contact Sally:

Tel 01483 235244

Email sally clark