28 April 2022

Court Assistant Shravan Joshi MBE appointed Chairman of Planning & Transportation Committee

The Company is delighted to offer it's congratulations to Court Assistant Shravan Joshi MBE on his appointment as Chairman of the City of London Corporation's Planning & Transportation Committee.


The City of London Corporation 26 April elected Court Assistant Shravan Joshi MBE as its new Planning and Transportation Committee Chairman on 26 April 2022.

Shravan will be responsible for leading on all planning issues affecting the Square Mile, which will include leading the discussion and debate on planning permissions for new developments in the City.

His role will also cover the City Corporation’s Transport Strategy and its responsibility for ensuring that the City and its residents, workers and visitors enjoy safe streets and a world-class public transport system.

Shravan is committed to ensuring the Square Mile remains a world-leading and sustainable place in which to do business, particularly as the recovery from the coronavirus pandemic continues to gather pace.

The City Corporation’s Climate Action Strategy will also be vital throughout his term with increasing global interest in the difficult debate over new development versus the re-fitting of existing buildings.

Shravan Joshi will be responsible for the reshaping of the City Corporation’s City Plan 2040 which is currently being reconsidered to take into account the changing ways in which we use space.

Read the full announcement of the appointment here.